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Posted on: September 30, 2021

FCAM 2021-2022 Legislative Priorities

FCAM 2021-2022 Legislative Priorities

(Link to printable PDF of what is below)



Title and Bill Docket #                                                                      Sponsor(s)


An Act relative to medical services             


HB 2482                                                                                  Representative Meghan Kilcoyne

SB 731                                                                                    Senator Walter Timilty


Amends GL 111C (Emergency Med Services System) and 111O (Mobile Integrated Health Care) to transfer both from the supervision of the commissioner of public health to the commissioner of public safety. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 7/14/21)


An Act relative to employees of the Department of Fire Services


HB 2626                                                                                  Representative Paul Donato


Amends GL 32:3 to include the following employees of the Department of Fire Services in Group 4 of the state retirement system: the deputy fire marshal, the director of the division of training, the director of hazardous materials, the recruit training coordinator and code compliance officers. (JC on Public Service)


An Act relative to payments for use of ambulance services


HB 1063                                                                         Representatives Paul McMurtry/Angelo D’Amelia

SB 731                                                                           Senator Walter Timilty


Establishes a new GL 176D:3C, requiring health insurance carriers, including health maintenance organizations, hospital service corporations, preferred provider arrangements and insurance companies, to directly and promptly pay ambulance service companies for emergency services rendered to an insured, even if they are not under a contractual agreement; requires the insured to assign their benefits to the ambulance company in order to facilitate payment, even if the insurance contract prohibits assignment of benefits; does not classify payment of the insured as payment of the ambulance company; establishes payment rates equal to those established by municipalities, unless they are a non-profit licensed to operate critical care services for both ground and air transport; does not create an entitlement to coverage for ambulance services. (JC on Financial Services – Public Hearing 10/8/21)


An Act clarifying call firefighter rights 


HB 2702                                                                                  Representative Meghan Kilcoyne


Amends provisions under GL 32:4 which regulate granting of credit towards retirement benefits for work performed by a permanent-itinerant or call firefighter; allows for application of part time or intermittent firefighting service towards retirement when a firefighter is subsequently appointed to any fire department, not just the fire department for which they initially worked on a permanent-intermittent or call basis. (JC on Public Service – Public Hearing 9/1/21)


An Act relative to enhanced fire protection in new one- and two-family dwellings


HB 2417                                                                                  Representatives Ruth Balser/Paul Donato

SB 1627                                                                                  Senator Michael Moore


Adds a new Section 26J to GL Chapter 148 and amends GL 148:27A to require, in municipalities that adopt this provision, installation of automatic sprinklers in newly constructed single and two-unit dwellings: provides an exemption from the prohibition against shutting off a sprinkler system without a permit, for seasonal shut-off of automatic sprinklers, as defined by and in accordance with regulations of the Board of Fire Prevention Regulations. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 6/9/21)


 An Act relative to the Technical Rescue Services Fund


SB 1650                                                                                  Senator Walter Timilty


Amends Section 2DDDDD of Chapter 29 adding the Fire Marshal as Fiduciary/Trustee for the State Technical Rescue Team. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 7/14/21)


 An Act relative to hazardous material teams


SB 1651                                                                                  Senator Walter Timilty


Amends Sections 4 and 5 of Chapter 21K regarding the State Hazardous Materials Team to increase abilities and increase the Technician stipend from $3000 to $5000. The funding was already increased in this years’ General Appropriations Act; however, the directive language was not added. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 7/14/21)



An Act relative to the safety of schools, residences, and public assemblies


HB 538                                                                                    Representative Brian Ashe

SB 332                                                                                    Senator Ryan Fattman


Establishes the School Carbon Monoxide Safety Trust Fund, financed with an initial $7.5 million transfer; provides for the distribution of grants to public school districts for the installation of carbon monoxide detection systems. In addition, the bill requires the installation of carbon monoxide detection systems in a number of different venues, including restaurants, one- and two-family homes, apartment buildings, and primary and secondary schools. (JC on Education – Public Hearing 5/20/21, Favorable Report 7/221/21)


An Act relative to firefighter training


HB 2683                                                                                  Representative Kate Hogan


Amends GL 32:91, the statute governing the Payment of Pensioners for Service after Retirement, to authorize the employment of a retired fire fighter as a training instructor in excess of the statutory limit of 960 hours. (JC on Public Service)


An Act relative to fire protection


HB 2416                                                                                  Representative Ruth Balser


Amends GL 148:26I, regulating automatic sprinkler systems in multiple dwelling residential units; requires automatic sprinkler systems in any units which undergo a major renovation or modification; authorizes the installation of alternative or modified systems when there is inadequate water supply; requires heads of fire departments to enforce these requirements; regulates appeals of decisions of local fire departments regarding sprinkler installation to the automatic sprinkler appeals board. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 6/9/21)


An Act relative to emergency response in an active shooter or hostile event situation


HB 2544                                                                                  Representative Tim Whelan

SB 1630                                                                                  Senator Patrick O’Connor


Adds a new Section 18W to GL Chapter 6A, instructing the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security to adopt the National Fire Protection Association's NFPA 3000 as the standard guide for active shooter or hostile event situations; additionally requires EOPSS to develop and implement standard training requirements to achieve an integrated preparedness, response, and recovery for active shooter or hostile event situations across state, county, municipal and regional public safety agencies, as well as to act as the lead agency in such situations; establishes and regulates the membership and operation of an Active Shooter or Hostile Event Situation (ASHER) Executive Council within EOPSS to coordinate emergency response efforts in active shooter or hostile events. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 7/21/21)



An Act enhancing the safety of high-rise buildings


HB 2441                                                                                  Representative Marjorie Decker


Amends Section 26A ½ of Chapter 148 to require that sprinklers be installed in High Rise structures that were previously exempted if built under Chapter 183A, and provides a timeline. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 6/9/21)



An Act relative to fire protection systems for buildings and structures


HB 2510                                                                                  Representative Ted Phillips


Amends GL Chapter 6, Chapter 143 and Chapter 148 in several sections to rename the automatic sprinkler appeals board the fire protection and life safety systems board; provides that the provisions of the fire safety code apply to all buildings and structures in the Commonwealth, except the State House; exempts buildings for which a building permit was issued before January 1, 2012 from the provisions of this Act; adds new definitions of 'Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems' and 'Fire Safety Code' to the statute; transfers regulation and inspection of fire safety code matters from the Board of State Building Regulations to the Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems Board. (JC on Public Safety and Homeland Security – Public Hearing 6/9/21)




Although not sponsored by FCAM, we are also supporting numerous Bills regarding programs to build Public Safety facilities, creating Authorities to oversee this type of program and/or creating a study to do so:


SB 2125 (JC SA&RO)                                                           Senator Walter Timilty

HB 3821 (JC PS&HS)                                                            Representative Natalie Blais

SB 1601 (JC PS&HS – Public Hearing 6/9/21)                      Senator Edward Kennedy

SB 2457 (JC PS&HS)                                                             Senator Joanne Commerford

HB 2508 (JC PS&H – Public Hearing 7/14/21)                     Representative James O’Day

SB 2067 (JC SA&RO – Public Hearing 9/22/21)                  Senator Adam Hinds

SB 1542 (JC PS&HS – Public Hearing 6/9/21)                      Senator Michael Brady


Establishes the independent five member Massachusetts Public Safety Building Authority, with the State Treasurer serving as chairperson; articulates the qualifications of the other Authority members.



As always, we also advocate for increased local aid, and the Department of Fire Services Budget (Line Item 8324-0000), especially the earmarks for the On-Site Academy, Regional CISM Teams, and Hazardous Materials Response program.

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